A virtual arts festival featuring artists who have Down syndrome


Ds Road Show

Welcome to the Ds Road Show

October is Down syndrome awareness month and we here at The Road We’ve Shared are excited to host a virtual arts fair to show off some of the incredible talents in our community.  Join us to show off your talents, support our creative adults, and have some fun!

The Show will take place the first weekend in October (2-4) and will be three days of exciting activities for everyone!

The Details

  • Friday: Performing Arts judging and prizes awarded.   Evening performances – Our kickoff events will feature a SpreeCast event with live -online streaming- entertainment and a screening of a film/films featuring an actor/actress who has Down syndrome.
  • Saturday: Fine Arts judging and prizes awarded
  • Sunday:  Craft judging and prizes awarded.

All three days we’ll have interviews, stories, give-aways/contests, and other special events!

More Information

For information on how to submit your art click here

For information on how to sponsor The Show click here

For information on how to become a vendor in our marketplace click here

If you’d like to help organize this event, contact us here..